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Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Rövid összefoglaló Favorable-risk prostate cancer represent a large proportion of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer and image guided radiation therapy IGRT is commonly used to treat these patients using protracted courses of up to 39 treatments over 8 weeks.

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Stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy SABR protocols hold the promise of more convenience, less side effects, less cost and improved system capacity without sacrificing excellent cancer control rates.

By the same token, prostate high-dose rate HDR brachytherapy boost has been shown volume prostata 60 cc be superior to standard external beam radiation.

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While two HDR fractions appear to optimize patient convenience and outcomes while minimizing costs, we wanted to determine the tolerability of combining one MR-guided HDR treatment with one SABR treatment to further reduce HDR resource use while maintaining favourable treatment outcomes.

Cone-beam CT imaging will be performed using the implanted fiducials to set up each treatment.

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All dosimetric parameters will be recorded. Baseline rectal, urinary and sexual function will be recorded prior to treatment.

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Acute toxicities will be assessed at 6, 12 and 24 weeks and late toxicities will be assessed at month 9, 24 and every 6 months until year 5 using the Common Terminology Criteria Adverse Events, V 4.

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